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Amazing Makeup starts with great skin

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

In an age where everyone under the age of 30 seems to be obsessed with getting the perfect selfie with filters, ‘insta’ makeup, primers, blurring formulations, the list goes on. It never ceases to amaze me that surely the answer is obvious, the better the foundations the better the ‘icing’ (in this case makeup) will look.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t have the best skin and seeking to cover it became my daily mission! I tried everything and was lucky enough to have a mum that supported me through my skin care obsession and did her best to understand the challenges. I researched literally everything, Clinique was too harsh, Estee-Lauder was great but a little expensive for my 15 year old self! MAC was too heavy. I even researched Bare Minerals and travelled to buy it when it was only sold in salons! Fast forward 20 years! And I have been lucky enough to work for two of the most fabulous skin care and makeup companies, although in a more corporate capacity the education we received and the insider knowledge was priceless. It has only served to reinforce my belief that great skin is the foundation of great makeup.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of a good skincare routine, no matter how tired you are at the end of the day and a long commute take it off………. And effectively replenish what has been lost throughout the day. Here are my tips from what I have learned professionally and personally

Take the day off

The daily commute, the exhaust fumes, the pollution have all attached themselves to your face during the day. Have you ever looked at your cotton wool pad turning grey as you take your makeup off? I certainly have and it’s horrific. So, when you’re feeling too tired after a long day or a long night don’t be tempted to jump into bed with it all left on, you’re not even giving your skin a chance! A good makeup remover will dilute the pollution and give your skin the chance to breath. My recommendation after trying nearly every product on the market (no exaggeration) is Estee-Lauder, Take the day off makeup remover. It’s not super expensive but it takes everything off, even waterproof mascara and long-wear makeup and it lasts for an age.

Cleanse with a product that makes your skin feel good

I know people who have washed their face with soap every day and that has been right for them and I’ve also known people that wouldn’t dream of being so basic with their cleansing regime. I do believe that finding a cleanser that makes your skin feel good, not too dry but clean is the best way to go. My two favourites are Nip ‘n’ fab exfoliating cleanser and Bobbi-Brown, soothing cleansing oil, both leave your skin super clean and smooth although they are quite different products with different benefits.

Is double cleansing worth it or just a fad to increase sales?

There has been a lot in the beauty press recently about the benefits of ‘double cleansing’. I have to confess that I have been doing this for years before it became a ‘thing’. My view on this is that if you will see the benefits if you have been wearing makeup all day, especially long wearing makeup. I’d recommend two different forumulas one to remove the makeup and then the second cleanse according to your preferences and skin type (i.e a gel – based cleanser for oily skins or a cream cleanser for combination / normal skin type.)


The Marketing behind toner is that it removes the last traces of makeup and in some cases this can be true but the main benefits tend to be down to the formulation and personal preference. I was always a little sceptical about toner however, most recently, following the recommendation of a friend (also working in Beauty) I tried the the Nip + Fab Glycolic. Well, it has given me the most amazing results. My skin is so clear, with no dry skin or flakiness, my moisturiser sinks in easily and my foundation goes on easier than ever. What I have learned is that it’s a very individual thing, one product / brand can be fabulous for some people and terrible for others, spending some time finding what works the best for you can pay dividends. I have tried nearly all of them and therefore am happy to share my findings if you would like any further info.

Eye Cream

If you’re used to smiling a lot you will know that the skin around the eyes is the first place that you start to see wrinkles. In my view eye cream is absolutely essential, whatever your specific concern you will be able to find a formulation that works for you. I can honestly say that the most amazing eye cream I have ever tried is La Mer, after turning up to the office after a particularly stressful day I was convinced to try the La Mer eye cream, that apparently would reduce my puffy eyes and give them a lift!!!! Ok, well, I couldn’t look any worse! Happy to give it a go but a little cynical I can honestly say I was amazed, this reduced my puffy, red eyes and lifted my eyebrows! I’ve been a convert ever since, although expensive, the results more than justify themselves.

Moisturiser – Especially at night

A good moisturiser can pay dividends, having applied makeup on many different skin types I can testify that it really is the foundation to great makeup and great skin. So many formulations can leave you feeling confused, but what I have learned is that cheap or expensive everyone can find a moisturiser that is right for them. Know your skin type and take it from there.


I have had many clients who believe that because their makeup has SPF that they are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. However unless the factor is 25 or more it is unlikely that you are getting the full benefit from only applying it in your foundation. Aveda do a fabulous liquid SPF that is available in factor 30 or 50, it’s so light and doesn’t negatively affect your foundation, but there are many brands and many formulations so investigate and don’t forget to take it down your neck (the skin on the neck is thinner than the face).

And finally… experiment, find what works for you and if you’re still confused call us, we can help you with your skin care and makeup needs. An investment in your skin is an investment in your future self.

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