Welcome to inStyle, Founded in 2015 by Karen Miller, inStyle is a Personal Styling and Shopping agency dedicated to helping you feel more confident in your image and clothing choices . 

Have you ever opened your wardrobe with a sense of panic? that you have nothing to wear or wandered around a shopping centre feeling anxious that you can't find that all important outfit for that special event, well, don't worry you're not alone and you are now in good hands. 


Professionally qualified with the prestigious London College of Style, my styling experience has been hugely varied.  From styling at London Fashion Week, editorial shoots and working with a whole range of different people all from different backgrounds, you can be assured I will help you to achieve the style that you want and we will have alot of fun in the process.

I’ve always loved helping people feel better about themselves and gain more confidence through enjoying what they wear. Having worked across Retail and luxury brands I have seen first hand how important creating the right impression can be. 

Together we can develop your personal style and help you to feel more confident about your clothing choices.  Not only will you feel fantastic you will shop more confidently for yourself in the future, knowing what suits you will save you time, money and effort and maximise your personal impact in every situation.

If you’d like some help with your wardrobe, then give me a call, I’m happy to talk through what might work for you and your situation and together we can find a solution.


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