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5 Tips on What to Wear to a Wedding

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

You’re comfortable with your day to day look but totally out of your comfort zone when it comes to dressing ‘up’ and a wedding invitation is enough to send you into a spin about what to wear. This is such a typical reaction. However, with a little preparation before you shop you can focus on enjoying the day and feeling fabulous rather than worrying about what you are wearing. I’ve outlined a few key tips to help you before you hit the shops.

Do you need a whole new outfit?

This may seem like an obvious point, but before you embark on shopping for your wedding outfit, decide if you need to go shopping at all. Are there items in your wardrobe that can be adapted to keep the cost of your outfit to a minimum by wearing them with updated accessories? If you decide on an outfit you already have, ensure that it still fits you perfectly. If it doesn’t quite fit, take it to be altered, a good tailor or dress maker will be able to alter it to look like new. If you have decided on a new outfit ensure that you have in mind what you are prepared to spend including shoes and accessories and also think about what type of wedding it is that you have been invited to, is there a particular theme i.e; vintage or glam.

Where to shop

One of the worst times to be wearing the same outfit as someone else is at a wedding. If your budget dictates that you are buying from the high-street then being more creative with your outfit will help you adapt it if another guest happens to be wearing the same. Separates can be a good way of avoiding this happening or if you’re wearing a jumpsuit, dress or suit ensure that you can switch it up with your accessories. Avoiding statement prints off the high street is also a good idea if you are concerned someone else maybe wearing the same.

There are some brands that cater for wedding guests particularly well, Ted Baker has a beautiful range of separates and accessories, ‘And Other Stories’ also offers great variety, Zara has some fabulous suit options in beautiful pastel colours, Top Shop also has a great range for wedding guests, bridesmaids and even bridal. Oliver Bonas offers more quirky options if your style is more vintage as does Bimba Y Lola. Department stores like Selfridges, Fenwick, Browns, Harrods and (for online) are a good place to start for a higher end budget, especially if you are looking to maximise your time, there are many brands under one roof and plenty of options to choose from.

Can you wear black to a wedding?

This can be a tricky one, it used to be considered inappropriate to wear black to a wedding, however, it now tends to be more about how you wear it rather than not wearing it at all. If you have had your colours done and you already know what colours suit you then this is a great place to start. However, if wearing colour is too far out of your comfort zone you can add colour through your accessories, hats, wraps, shoes and bags an a more colourful shade can be added to a black or dark coloured outfit.


As with any occasion accessories are a fabulous way of making your look more individual to you. If your style is more quirky take the opportunity to add creative touches from vintage shops or individual boutiques. Ensure that any jewellery compliments your body shape and draws attention to your best features. If your style and outfit is more glam then take the opportunity to add some glitz with fake fur or sparkle, embellished shoes are huge this season and cater perfectly to weddings and occasion wear.

Hair and Makeup

Finally, hair and makeup are the finishing touches to any outfit at any time, immaculate grooming makes a huge difference to the overall appearance. If you are wearing a hat or fascinator, make sure that your hairstyle compliments the style of either. Also remember that makeup translates differently on camera, which is why some people look very different in pictures to how they look in person. I’d always recommend having your makeup done professionally, however if you are doing your makeup yourself, a good tip is to have a practice before the day and take a picture either on your phone or get someone to take it for you, this will show you if you need to add or take away or even change the colours slightly to make sure it compliments what you are wearing and looks fabulous on camera.

If you’re still in a panic and need some help shopping for your wedding outfit we love shopping for weddings. Either call us on 07742081487 or email for an initial discussion.

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