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What my clients say!


Victoria, Accountant

I had a major business event coming up for which I was being photographed on behalf of my accountancy practice and I needed some help to make me look and feel my best.  I booked a full makeover with Karen which included style, makeup and a full day personal shopping.  The whole experience was so much fun and the follow up support had been fantastic.

Needless to say my photoshoot went really well and my confidence has improved no end. 

Karen is great with style and I can't thank her enough for giving me my confidence back and the best shopping experience ever.

Michele, HR Director

As my wedding approached my friend asked who was doing my makeup for my wedding. ''Me'', I said, her look said it all.  She recommended I book a makeup trial with Karen.  I was delighted with the result and decided to book her for my wedding day.  On the day she created a flawless look that lasted until 1.30am the next morning, still looking flawless.  Karen's makeup skills are really very impressive, i wouldn't hesitate to recommend her .  

Thank you Karen, you did an amazing job.

Susan, HR Director

Karen has a natural skill working with style, colours and makeup, facillitating people to enhance and make the most of their appearance.  She ran a series of style workshops at our offices and her knowledge was coupled with a warm, encouraging, realistic approach, making the sessions informative and interesting.  Above all her passion for fashion and beauty was contagious.Ka

Richard, Pilot

I was introduced to Karen by a friend who recommended I speak to her in relation to my experience of interviews and assessment centres.  Every interview I had was the same, you are a strong candidate but we had someone better.  I met with Karen and she asked me to go through my previous experiences.  Karen then gave me feedback, I was amazed at how accurate she was. She talked me through various techniques to help me which I used at the next assessment centre. I'm pleased to say that I was offered the role.  I can honestly say that my experience with Karen had a huge impact on how I performed on the day, she was supportive, but direct and honest with me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

Lynn, Retired

It was great having someone to make all the right decisions for me thus spending less than half the time it usually takes me on solo trips.  Karen was fun, patient and flattering without losing her role as a true professional. Karen’s selection of clothes and putting these together as outfits was spot on, and her advice was invaluable.  I feel really confident in my new clothes and will not be slipping back into my old ways – well not in public anyway.’’

Gemma, Housewife

’After losing weight I didn’t know clothes suited me, Karen showed me that I was wearing clothes that were 3 sizes too big for me and I was wearing completely the wrong sized bra.  I can’t believe the difference this has all made to my figure and my confidence.  I am so grateful to Karen for her honest, frank but friendly advice and giving me so many smiles today, I feel amazing.  Thankyou.

Louise, Teacher

From beginning to end this was an enlightening experience.  Karen put me at ease immediately and had the great ability to pick outfits and accesories that i wouldn't have tried on myself.  With her guidance I couldn't believe how everything just worked and if i do say so myself, i looked great.

Ia m very happy with the new me and the confidence this whole experience has given me, I only wish i'd done it sooner.

Jacquie, Social Services

I booked Karen as a treat for myself and my mum.  We both had our colours and makeup done. The colour session was an eye opener, i thought i was good at picking what suited me, it turned out Karen showed me the colours that really worked for my colouring.  The makeup was a lovely, natural day look, I loved it and learned lots of tips on the way.   I was made up, my mum loved her session as well and has been taking her 'swatches' everywhere with her.  Thanks Karen for a lovely experience.

Andrew, Business Development

 'I hate clothes shopping' but, a female friend of mine kindly pointed out that i had seen better days and needed to make more of an effort.  I booked a half day shopping with Karen.  While I still hate shopping, I now have a better idea of what suits me and I have some  cool, casual outfits  instead of my old ripped jeans and trainers.   I'm happy and it was money well spent.   I might just get her to shop for me in future.

Anne, Occupational Health

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Ka’ I had a lovely shopping trip with Karen who did everything to boost my confidence with clothes and colours, showing me what shapes and colours work best for my skin tone.’’KKa

I had a lovely shopping trip with Karen who did everything to boost my confidence with clothes and colours, showing me what shapes and colours work best for my skin tone.

Elaine, L&D Business Owner

I run my own business providing Management training.  Many of my clients are in the city and i was becoming conscious that my image was in need of an upgrade.  I booked Karen to do my colours, makeup and take me shopping.  I don't normally wear makeup but she showed me how to do a quick, natural look and gave me advice on products.  I loved the colour session, it showed me that i could wear alot more colour than i thought.  On the day of our shopping trip Karen had outfits ready for me to try on in changing rooms, this saved me time and nearly everything i tried suited me really well.   I have had so many compliments both from clients and friends and i also feel i know better what suits me.  I have even since been shopping on my own since.   ying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Devina, Office Manager

I booked a wardrobe edit with Karen after having moved house and realising that i had far too many clothes I hadn't worn in years.  We started with a mini style consultation and then went through my wardrobe.  Karen gave me advice on how i could wear certain outfits differently and was also very clear on what needed to go.  We then made a list of replacement items and things that i needed to complete certain outfits.   I loved this experience, Karen is great, she loves what she does and is so enthusiastic about giving you what you need to make the right choices.  I can't wait for our shopping trip.

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