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5 things to consider when developing your ‘Signature Style’

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to find it effortless to look well turned out whatever the occasion? The woman who looks like she hasn’t tried to hard, or the guy who has managed to work key details into an outfit that makes it seem far more interesting than just a ‘t’ shirt and jeans or a suit. Well finding your own style takes time and a little bit of effort, but once you have found it your life will feel so much easier and dressing well whatever the occasion will feel natural and fun.


One of the first things to consider is that silhouette is key, knowing and being honest with yourself about your body shape is the first step to effortless dressing. If you are a natural pear shape (either male or female) trying to create balance is the priority. If you’re straight up straight down then you might want to create more curves, if you have short legs and a long body you want to look more in proportion, you are looking to create an illusion of a balanced frame, this is the first step to understanding yourself and what shapes will make the best out of you. If you’re confused and can’t do this for yourself, get someone you trust to go shopping with you and ask them to be brutally honest, failing that we are here to help!


Finding your signature style doesn’t mean sticking to a uniform, try out different colours and shapes, accentuate what you really like about yourself and make sure they flatter your figure and colouring. If you find a successful formula that works for you, shapes that you like and fabrics that look amazing then don’t be afraid to stick with it, vary your accessories, colours and details this will ensure you never look like you are wearing the same thing over and over.


You can do fashion, but don’t be a fashion victim! Find ways to work in details to an outfit that flatter your shape and update your overall look. Anything that is slightly out of the ordinary creates interest, that might be trainers with a formal outfit or a leather jacket with a soft, floaty fabric dress or skirt.

There are some great examples of celebrities who have curated their own signature style but always manage to make an outfit look different. Kate Moss with her staple skinny jeans and cool accessories, Stella McCartney has nailed the masculine femininity look that combines huge amounts of versatility, ranging from silk mini dresses with a masculine blazer or a tux suit with super feminine details. Take inspiration from people you admire and looks that you like and work it in to your own style.


Sometimes a single note becomes your signature style, it could be your distinctive hair colour or style, makeup such as a smokey eye or the classic red lip is a favourite or it could be a distinctive accessorizing trick. Adding something that you love to an outfit not only looks great, it makes you feel amazing and shows an element of your personality and individuality.


Keep on experimenting, it’s very easy to get stuck in a style rut, sometimes without even noticing. What worked for you five years ago might not work for you today, so it’s important to keep on trying new things, even it just means taking a few different items into the fitting room, and then discarding then.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to be you, enjoy letting your clothes communicate another aspect of your personality and most importantly have fun finding your own unique style

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