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Simple Seasonal Updates

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I recently attended the PURE London trade event at Olympia, the event was a fabulous mix of fashion shows, talks from some great speakers and a variety of suppliers from both main stream fashion and under the radar brands.

Alexander Shulman from Vogue gave some great insights into the trend for a clever mix of up and coming brands mixed with more established labels.   Tghis got me thinking about how much fun it can be to experiment and not just stick with what you have always worn because it’s easy, saves time or is the quickest way to get you out of the house in the morning for that daily commute.  We can all be guilty of letting ourselves slip into a style rut, but fashion can be great fun and small changes to your wardrobe can be all you need to update your existing staple items.

With a couple of style tweaks, you can transition nicely from your winter wardrobe to a fresher look for Spring Summer 2017, here’s a few suggestions for you to easily update your look.

Striking Colour

In case you haven’t noticed the high street’s, new collections have landed and walking into Zara on Oxford Street I was struck by how much pink there is in the new arrivals.  Now you may hate pink (which is a shame because there is a huge variety of shades to choose from this year), but there are lots of other colours to choose from ranging from orange, turquoise, fuschia.  Mixing a pop of colour into your outfit can update your work-wear and enable you to be more creative with your look.  You don’t have to go full on with your choice of colours but work with what you’re comfortable with maybe a more vivid shade than your used to wearing if you’re nervous about fully embracing this trend.

The Art of Layering

Mastering this technique isn’t the easiest, however layering was once again huge on the catwalks, it’s also a great way to style an outfit to look different.  A classic white, tailored shirt with a corset or lace camisole over the top can take an outfit from work-wear to evening.  Think mixed up textures and fabrics and more figure hugging garments over-laid with Tulle, Leather or PVC.  Dresses layered over trousers can be super flattering but make sure that your dress falls just below the knee or just above the ankle.

Standout Sleeves

Ruffles, cold shoulder sleeves, multi-gathered, there are lots of different sleeve types to choose from this season, just a word of caution, think about your outerwear, are those sleeves going to be so big that they ruin the look of your jacket or coat? also if you have broad or narrow shoulders the placing of the ruffles or the cut out will be important to ensuring you get the proportions of your outfit to look balanced.

Statement accessories

There’s lots of choice for accessories this season, shoulder sweeping earrings, sparkly chokers, micro bags and shoes in all different styles and colours.  Accessories are the easiest and potentially the most cost effective way to update your outfit and help the transition between seasons.  There’s some serious embellishment on shoes and heel heights range from ballet flats to sky high heels, so choose your key pieces wisely and enjoy and embrace the updates, there literally is something for everyone.

If you’d like help updating your wardrobe contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we can help you.

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