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How to look Good & Stay Warm this Winter

So, here we are, now in November 2021 and the weather has definitely changed to a much cooler Autumnal feel. It’s the time of year when we have to start dressing for warmth and what I hear from many of my clients is that they really struggle to keep warm in winter while still feeling and looking good.

With this in mind I have put together some easy suggestions that will help you to do both, I hope you enjoy.!


The High / Low Mix

There are so many definitions of what this means, but quite simply it is mixing an item you would normally wear to dress up with a super casual cut or texture. For example, knitwear and sequins, Tulle and Leather, Joggers and a blazer. Even mixing high street with designer, Primark with Prada. This one of my favourite looks, it’s a contradiction that allows you to put your own style into a look whilst also feeling super comfortable and warm for most occasions.

This outfit from ‘Hush’ at John Lewis is a great example of this, mixing a super soft sweater with a glamorous but comfortable sequin skirt. Make sure you get the proportions right if you decide to go for this look, if you are smaller on top than on the bottom go for a fitted top half and a skirt that is either ‘A’ Line or bias cut. If you are curvy a knee length skirt with a sweater belted at the waist will work well.

Skirt - Hush Sequin Skirt £99

Tulle Skirt - South of the River Boutique £85

Classic Layering

Layering at this time of year is one of the most wearable trends and ways to keep warm. The ‘coatigan’ is an item that is super flattering, it can be worn over a dress and belted to add curves or with skinny leather trousers and a shirt for a more dressed up feel. Again, the key to getting this look right is understanding your body shape and proportions.

Coatigan - Monsoon £80

Coatigan - Phase Eight £115

The Quilted Puffa Coat

I have to confess, the quilted Puffa coat has never been one of my favourite choices for a coat, (my fear of looking like the Michelin man has never left me!) However, this coat can be amazingly versatile, either for walking the dog at the weekend or for the daily commute. It has also evolved into more flattering styles and colours, lengths, colours, shapes and depths of padding for it to be flattering for even the most body conscious of us.

Coat - Joules £141.95

Coat - Phase Eight £129

Bright’s & Sequins

One of the easiest ways to feel warm but a little bit glam is to use colour effectively. Not only does it make an impact it also improves the mood on dark winter days. (Have you every felt miserable when wearing red?). When choosing colour make sure that the undertones suit your skin tone (either warm or cool) and then go as bright as you dare. I am loving these two outfits from Zara which can both be dressed up or down and the green sequinned sweater is one of ‘the’ colours of the season.

Sequin Sweater - Zara £49.99

Ribbed Sweater - Zara £19.99

The Knitted Dress

One of my final choices is the knitted dress, the key to this is to make sure the shape suits your body type, isn’t too tight or too loose and you use accessories to make the most of your figure. You can either go for an all over knit, or layer a sleeveless dress over a crisp shirt, pairing it with ankle boots or knee highs to suit the occasion.

Casual Pocket Knitted Dress Monsoon £70

Sweater Dress H&M £34.99

Puff Sleeve Knitted Dress - Ted Baker £165

Enjoy changing up your winter wardrobe, being a little bit brave and creative with how you look has a huge impact on how positive you feel. If you’d like some help with your winter wardrobe, please do feel free to contact me @ for your free 30 minute discovery session.

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