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What is a Personal Brand and Why is it Important?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The way that you are perceived by others is defined by what you project. Essentially, everything you do, say, behave and interactions with others will have a bearing on your Personal Brand. Whether we like to admit it or not we all have a personal brand and used wisely and managed in a positive way it can enhance your life both on a work or personal basis.

There are so many great examples of people in the media who have a strong personal brand for example David and Victoria Beckham who have made an art form out of carefully creating their personal brand, from the people they are photographed with, the clothes they wear, the places they socialise, the charities and brands they are associated with, all of this is carefully planned and orchestrated to maintain their personal brand. Richard Branson is another fabulous example, he has built the Virgin brand so successfully by maximizing his own exposure in the right places, the right affiliations and making sure he is consistent with everything that he does. The key strengths of these brands are consistency, behaving, dressing, and conducting themselves in ways that we have come to expect.

Whether you have consciously developed your personal brand or not, you will have one, ask your colleagues, friends and family, I’m sure they will be more than happy to give you feedback. If you receive the same or similar feedback from more than one person it is highly likely that this is the impression you are giving out.

You are possibly wondering how this can be relevant to you, however, if you are a small business owner and ‘you’ are your business then it can make a huge difference to the type of customers that you attract, the suppliers that you do business with, what you are known for will have an impact on what people think your business is likely to be like. Equally if you are in Sales or Business Development how you project yourself can be critical in ensuring that you play to win in the right places and that you are the person people want to do business with, needless to say the impact of getting this right can have a significant impact on your sales and ultimately profit. If you are an executive, looking for continuous career development and promotion, how you are perceived can make a big difference, conversely if you are a graduate or at the start of your career, ensuring that you are known for the right reasons can be critical for your progression.

Even on a personal basis what we project can increase or inhibit our chances of achieving what we want to achieve, whether that’s attracting the type of partner, friends or career that we are looking for.

What are the Benefits of Building your personal brand?

  1. People come to you

  2. You gain access to amazing Talent

  3. You present a consistent image that is authentic and retains your individuality

  4. Your Business grows organically

If you would like some help understanding your personal brand and developing an image that portrays you in the way that you want to be perceived we would be happy to help.

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