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Red is the new pink for Autumn / Winter 2017, but can you wear it?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will have noticed that red is one of the statement colours of the Autumn / Winter 2017 season. It’s also one of the colours that can be very divisive, people either love it or would never dream of wearing it. The same goes for red lipstick, some people love it, it makes them feel glamorous and adds a striking pop of colour to their outfit, however some people would not be seen dead in with a red lip!

Whether we like it or not, red is definitely here to stay, at least until the start of Spring 2018. Many of the designers have showcased red, some from head to toe. The trick to wearing red is understanding the shade of red that works for your colouring and skin tone, be it bright pillar-box red, a deep red, an orangey red or a muted watermelon red.

Usually the people who say they don’t like wearing red have once tried either and item of clothing or a lipstick and the shade has worn them rather than the other way around. I personally have a shade of MAC lipstick ‘Lady Danger’ that I wear deliberately when I am tired, this draws attention away from my eyes and the comments I get are always about the red lipstick (I know it’s wearing me, but that is the intention). However, when I am wearing a deeper shade of red with a cool undertone people are drawn to look at my eyes and it gives a softer, more subtle effect.

If your still feeling confused about what red works for you or even if you’d just like to know what shade will suit, call us to arrange a ‘Colour Analysis’ session and we will help you to understand the most flattering shade of red for you and then you can shop to your hearts content!

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