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How to Wear Leopard, the Print of the Season

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Leopard print has been in and out of fashion for years and yet again is having a huge moment. The incoming Autumn / Winter 2018 stock is starting to filter through into stores and one print is standing out as a consistent theme. When I was shopping recently with a friend I was trying to get her to try on a fabulous leopard print shirt (TopShop) and her comment was ‘oh no I don’t want to look like Pat Butcher’ (Eastenders barmaid for those of you who don’t know!)! There are so many associations with the print both negative and positive, but trust me, leopard print is a classic staple for any wardrobe and you can wear it, here are my top tips on how to wear it to suit any taste.

It’s all about the silhouette

The key to wearing animal print is all in the silhouette, it goes without saying that anything skin tight will be veering into dodgy territory and is probably not a good idea (unless that’s your intention), mini- skirts or mini-dresses fall into this category as do shorts and anything lycra. Flowing silk skirts and dresses that fall just below the knee are easy to wear and flattering for most figures, pair anything mid-calf or longer with black ankle boots, and anything shorter with a knee-high pair of boots (no gap showing) or flats. Check out ‘Rixo’ (stocked in Harrods or on line) for gorgeous silk dresses, ‘Ganni’ and Hush at John Lewis has a great midi skirt which keeps selling out and M&S Limited Collection has a lovely leopard print ‘A’ line dress which is selling fast.

Even small leopard print accessories will make your outfit stand out

If you’re not confident wearing prints but want to add a little interest to your outfit, accessorising with leopard print will make your outfit stand out. There are some beautiful accessories on the high street, Top-Shop has some great items, Dune London always has leopard print as part of the range, this year they have some lovely bags and scarves with a pop of colour. High end designers such as Louboutin, Balenciaga and Gucci have some beautiful scarves and bags, so there is a huge choice for every price point. A small word of advice though, make sure your accessories have a quality finish to them, calfskin leather or ponyskin give a luxe feel and finish, avoid anything shiny, patent leather or manmade will cheapen the look and veer towards the tacky end of the fashion scale!

A super feminine blouse under a classic blazer or coat can be amazing

A beautiful blouse is a great way to elevate any look and is a perfect way to wear the leopard print trend. Worn with a pencil skirt for work or under a classic trench coat or leather jacket for a more casual take. There are some very pretty blouses available already in stores, finding a style that compliments your figure has never been easier, with tie waist to highlight fabulous curves or a straighter cut to give a more casual look. There are some beautiful pieces available in Top Shop, Marks and Spencer, Ganni has some gorgeous blouses and amazing dresses at a slightly higher price point.

Not all leopard is beige and black

When you think of leopard print it’s normally the classic colour that springs to mind. However there are some great colour variations this season, ranging from red and black, bright blue and black (I purchased a beautiful pink and black leopard print silk shirt from Jaeger which is wear with black jeans or a pencil skirt). So if you’re feeling brave venture into a colour that you know suits you, pair it with denim, black or brights, the message here is if you love it don’t be afraid to go bold.

You can clash leopard with other prints

Sticking with the bold theme, if you are looking to make a statement you don’t have to wear leopard print with classic colours such as black, denim, white or brown. Clashing prints such as leopard and Zebra can be work together as can stripes and checks. A good tip here is to separate your clashing prints with a belt, the defined line between the two garments separates the chaos and enables the prints to work in harmony together.

And finally, if you’re still unsure let us help you with these choices, contact us for a free initial discussion on how we can help you update your wardrobe, either send us a message or call 07742081487.

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