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Great shoes can make or break an outfit, people make all sorts of assumptions based on shoes, both in work environments and is social situations, I’ve been told I look younger in flatter shoes, heels give a perception of being more authoritative and if your shoes look tatty it implies you don’t take care of other aspects of your life.

Shoes can totally change the look of an outfit, there are some great styles that tend to be updated every season, including trainers, pumps, kitten heels and high heels.

The key to finding the right shoes to compliment an outfit is about balance and proportion. The length of your legs and the length of the garment you are wearing are equally as important. For example, if you have short legs and are wearing a knee length skirt then a flat shoe isn’t going to be particularly flattering the same applies for ankle straps. However if you’re wearing short or short skirt then a flat or mid heel can look great.

For women, generally it’s important to have some key basic shoes in your wardrobe, a decent pair of flat pumps in a neutral colour will go with most things, even if you don’t like to wear flats they can be so handy when you are running from meetings or making the daily commute, you can always change into heels when to get to where you are going. Flat shoes can also make a classic outfit look more fashionable or slightly more dressed down. There are so many great styles at all different price points.

The kitten heel has been slowly but surely weaving its way back into favour for 2016, with directional designers now offering something above and beyond the average office-bound court shoe it can be a great alternative to a high heel as a great compromise between flat pumps and high heels, incredibly wearable and works well with all skirt lengths.

Finally my favourite, the high heel. How many times have I heard ‘’I can’t walk in high heels they’re not comfortable’’ well I have news for you, anyone can walk in high heels as long as they are armed with a little information beforehand. The material, construction and brand can make all the difference to how comfortable a high heel can be. When choosing a shoe look at the difference between the height of the heel and the sole of the shoe, the greater the distance the harder it will be to walk in. To alleviate this is to choose a high heel with a small platform, this alleviates the distance and also soften the angle at which your foot hits the ground. Also take into consideration how your foot is built. If you have a wider foot there are plenty of high street shops and designers that cater for wider feet without compromising style and comfort likewise if you have a narrow foot there are certain styles that will work better and be more comfortable for you.

I also find that the material you choose for a shoe will impact the comfort level. Patent leather and Perspex are stiffer and more likely to cut up your feet, whereas natural fabrics such as suede, satin, or other natural materials are always going to be more comfortable.

Choosing the best pair of heels ultimately comes down to understanding what works for you. There aren’t any rights or wrongs when it comes to brands, so you’ll have to do a little experimentation. Take the time to try on different styles and designers or if you don’t have the time I’m happy to provide you with a whole host of ideas and designers to help take the hard work out of shopping for shoes.

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