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How to make Sales Shopping a Breeze

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Is it me or does it feel like the sales have started super early this year!? I’m not a huge fan of the sales, I like to see stores looking beautiful, tidy with everything merchandised in the right way. I think this comes from working for many years in a store very well known for it’s crazy sales and queues around the block at 4.30am on Boxing day! However, there is an art to shopping in the sales that can make it less stressful.

Here are my top tips to help you bag that bargain rather than a wardrobe full of tat you will never wear but had to have because it was a ‘bargain’!.

• Review your current wardrobe. Have a look at what is missing from your wardrobe, make a list of what you need to add and stick to the list. This will help to stop you from being tempted to buy on impulse.

• Do some research on-line and use the ‘wish list’ functionality to be notified when an item goes on sale.

• Sign up for mailing lists of brands that you really like. This way you are notified instantly when the brand goes on sale, some brands even offer ‘exclusive previews’ to customers that are on their list. This helps to make sure you don’t miss out on the best pieces.

• Only buy items that you’d be prepared to pay full price for. You might be tempted by that OTT sequin dress but how many times will you really wear it. Invest in timeless pieces that will also transition into the next season, items like the trench coat, ruffles, dresses are all popular for autumn.

• Don’t be swayed purely by the discount amount, often there is a good reason for that huge reduction, normally an indication of poor sizing (too big or too small), awful fabric or cut. This is especially true when there are many of the same items on sale.

• Buy quality pieces or investment buys that you know you will wear continuously regardless of the season or trend. Stick to a colour palette you know suits you and will blend well with your wardrobe. You may love that neon yellow shirt but does it really love you back?! Avoid buying anything that doesn’t work with at least three of your existing outfits.

• Always buy the right size, it sounds obvious but if it’s never going to fit it’s not a bargain no matter how discounted it is.

• Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily remove, jeans and a t’shirt or sweater with no buttons or anything tricky to remove. Make sure that your underwear is neutral and fits you properly.

• Check the Refund / exchange policy. Often during sale periods stores change the time that you have to return an item or they won’t accept returns during the first couple of days of the sale. Always keep your receipts.

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