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How to look after your Designer items.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

With all this time on our hands at home it’s a great time to have a good look at what you have in your wardrobes (along with other areas of the house.) and also how you are looking after them. If you have ever bought designer pieces and wondered about all the packaging they come in, there is a reason……… As with most things, taking care of your designer pieces properly will ensure they last and won’t need replacing for years to come. Here’s my top tips on how to look after your wardrobe.

Work out your wardrobe system

One of the first things I establish with my clients is what their lifestyle looks like and what do they need on a daily / weekly basis. Is that convenience, comfort, looking super smart, getting out of the house as quickly as possible! Everyone’s lifestyles are so different, what do you need from your wardrobe? At the start / or end of each week sort your outfits into what you need from the following weeks schedule.

Choose the right Hangers

Obvious, right?……I’m not going to teach you to ‘suck eggs’ here but getting the right hangers to store your clothes is one of the things that will ensure longevity of your wardrobe. Wire hangers are never a good option especially when it comes to hanging more delicate fabrics which are prone to stretching and pulling. Wooden hangers or coated velvet / hangers are the best option and if you want to get really fancy with your wardrobe they come in a variety of colours! For heavier items like coats, leather jackets etc wooden hangers are a great option. Velvet hangers are good for silk dresses or flimsy fabrics that have a tendency to fall off wooden hangers, therefore a mix of both is advisable.

Check for moths

Yes really! The first sign of moths can usually be found in delicate items, most commonly knitwear, silk or leather. There are some good anti-moth products out there to protect the clothes in your wardrobe, drawers and cupboards, so make sure you check your storage spaces regularly.

Invest in an electric de-bobbler

This is possibly one of the most useful items you can purchase to prolong the life of your clothes. They can be used on cashmere, wool, coats, trousers and items that have prematurely aged even if they haven’t been worn too often. I initially purchased a really straightforward fabric ‘shaver’ from John Lewis, that did a reasonable job, however the real game-changer was the electric de-bobbler I later purchased from Amazon! It makes items look like new and can be used time and time again without ruining delicate fabrics.

Keep your designer bags in their fabric bags

You knew there had to be a reason for those beautiful fabric bags aside from the fact they look great didn’t you?! Protecting your leather bags when they aren’t in use ensures that they stay looking new for longer. The fabric bags keep them free from dust, sunlight, colour transfer etc. They can also be used to wipe down the bag or shoes before you wear them. One important tip is to beware of dust-bags that are made from synthetic material because they can trap moisture and cause mold. Normally if you are buying from new from a designer they will provide you with natural material dust-bags, however, if you are buying vintage or second hand be sure to check the material and if it’s synthetic consider making your own out of natural materials or purchasing one.

Find the best cobbler to re-sole your designer shoes

I’m going to be completely honest on this one, I did actually attempt to have my Louboutin’s re-soled by a local (well respected cobbler.) However, when I asked how he would re-sole them to replicate the original sole and he told me he would put a normal leather sole on them and paint them red and charge me £50 for the pleasure I politely declined. I know it may seem like an expensive option sending your designer shoes to be repaired by specialists, but look at is as protecting your assets! You wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini and send it to Ford to be repaired, why do the same with your shoes or bags.

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