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Get up, Dress up, Show Up

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Well, how things have changed so quickly due to the coronavirus in what feels like just over a week. This situation is a great leveller for all of us and now more than ever we need to be looking after ourselves and the people around us. Many of us, if we are lucky are working from home, however if you aren’t used to this way of working it can be a challenge, so I have outlined for you my top tips on how to get the most out of your days working from home and a few things that will help keep you focussed, positive and professional.

• One of the things I have always found most useful when working from home and indeed my transition from corporate life to working for myself is creating a routine and behaving as if I am still at work in an office. This includes not sitting in my pyjamas every day, but, having a shower, getting dressed and putting some makeup on. Personally I can’t get myself into the right headspace to be working if I look and feel like I should still be in bed.

• What is your ‘normal’ morning routine when travelling to the office? Replicate this when working from home and use the time you normally spend commuting setting yourself up for the day.

• Do some exercise, even just 20 minutes gets the endorphins flowing and makes you naturally sharper and ready for the day ahead. I find that a run is the best thing for me, but there are so many free fitness apps and I have also just joined Davina McCall’s 30 days free challenge.

• Wear something (at least on your top half) that you would normally wear for work and if you can make it colourful. Colour lifts our mood and it also show up better on camera (for those zoom or skype calls with your colleagues.)

• Put some makeup on, I’m not talking a full face, but some moisturiser and a colourful lipstick will make you look more alive and also to feel better when communicating with others.

• Consider your environment, are you able to shut yourself away from any distractions? Also and I can’t stress this enough, think about what is behind you! If you are having a call with the office you want them to be concentrating on what you are saying, not looking at the mountain of ironing or kids toys behind you.

• If you can work in a room with natural lighting, natural daylight is proven to have a positive effect on our mood and again if you are having Zoom or Skype calls it shows your face in a flattering light. If you don’t have natural lighting having some type of light behind the camera also works well and will make it easier for your colleagues to see you more clearly.

• Take a break, one of the things I have always been most guilty of when working from home is working relentlessly! grateful that I was trusted enough to work from home. However, it is much more productive to take a break, have some lunch and a cup of tea and then return more focussed to what you were doing.

• Finally, don’t forget to communicate, sometimes when people work from home, it’s almost as if they disappear. Remember that this maybe new for everyone and working from home requires a whole different level of communication. Provide updates at the end of every day/ week, talk to your colleagues, share ideas and try to use this time as an opportunity to do things differently. We may not be able to see each other but we are all in this together and hopefully will emerge stronger and with a different set of skills and attitudes to benefit not only business but the world around us.

Stay safe everyone and remember if you need me all of my services both Styling and HR are available on line, you can always call me to discuss your requirements.

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