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Do you have Party Dressing Fatigue?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Work events, numerous catch up’s with old colleagues and business contacts; networking, Christmas parties and that’s before you even get to include all of your partners Christmas events and you know you need to be looking fabulous for all of them! And that’s even before you get to the day job! Welcome to the craziness of the party season. To help you navigate the madness and pressure I’ve put together my top tips to help you to look fabulous throughout December! And…….. as always of you need help, I’m here.

Firstly…………… breathe!

The month of December may just all feel a bit too much, maybe you even want to hibernate (or is that just me!?). Take a minute for yourself and plan what you know is coming, use the information you have to hand, i.e; is there a dress code? Is it formal or smart casual? Is it a fashion event that you know it’s all about the latest up and coming designer! Or Corporate event that you know you need to make a strong impression whilst appearing to look effortlessly sharp. Then work backwards. Dressing well is all part of your marketing plan! Marketing you!

Schedule some time or delegate!

As with all business activities you can’t be good at all of them and if you are not, then get someone else to take the stress and time for you. However, if you have a strong sense of style know who you are and what suits you, this can be a really fun time of the year.

Dress Codes!

Many invites over the party season come with a dress code, this makes things super easy. Prioritising events where you know you’re going to be on show and are expected to maintain a certain presence is a good place to start. For example, work Christmas parties can be a minefield, consistency here is key, remember your work colleagues or your CEO are expecting a continuation of what they see from you on a daily basis. They are not expecting you to turn up in a Caribbean shirt or with everything on show, your business life is just that and your private life is a whole different ball game! So many people make the same mistake as they make with ‘dress down Friday’s’ they think it’s an opportunity to show the world who they really are on ‘dress down days at the weekend’. Don’t underestimate how this shifts your colleagues impressions of you.

Plan your preparation time!

A day or evening spent planning outfits may seem counter intuitive or frivolous, however the time and stress it will save you before that event is priceless. You want to turn up looking and feeling great, not stressed, rushed and a mess (totally incongruent with your personal brand)! If you have several events in one week, having everything put together beforehand can be invaluable, switching from one role to another can be a challenge, (mother to business woman / father to private members club with key clients or CEO) wearing outfits you feel comfortable and confident in helps you make that headspace shift from one role to another seamlessly. Don’t underestimate the psychological impact of feeling well put together on your performance.

Be yourself, just a more glamorous version!

If you’re really struggling and not sure, go for an outfit that you are going to be comfortable and confident in. Normally an elevated version of what you normally wear in the shape and cut that suits your body shape in a luxe fabric is a fail-safe option. Know your limits when it comes to your heel height, your tolerance of tight waistbands or arm restricting jackets, you want to enjoy yourself not be worrying about how tight your dress / jacket or trousers are, or changing your shoes half-way through the night.

Photograph your outfits……….. yes really!

Once you have put together your outfits save yourself the hassle of remembering what goes with what! Photographing your outfits and accessories can help hugely and help you to quickly switch from one look to another effortlessly. Remember, this is all about making life easier and less stressful for you whilst making the desired impact and being congruent with your personal brand.

Trends v Style!

Every year there are some distinct trends, mixing trend with timeless pieces never goes out of fashion. This year there are some key themes in the designer collections for both men and women, namely dark gothic glamour, 80’s influenced glitz, embellishment and not forgetting a good dose of butter soft leather. The high street has some fabulous interpretations of all of these trends dependent upon your budget. If you know your own personal style, stick with it, if your personality is eccentric go for it, beautiful velvet blazers, clashing accessories, sparkle, now is the time. If you have more of a classic style, gorgeous luxe fabrics can be your friend.

Just a personal note from me!

Don’t forget the basics! Good fit is super important, badly fitting items whatever the style, fabric, price or cut, look just awful (a simple mistake but easily avoidable). Make sure you have a strong foundation, good underwear is the key to any outfit, make sure it fits, isn’t too tight / too loose, don’t be embarrassed to invest in shapewear, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and even Primark have some great shapewear to suit every figure and price point.

Fake tan…… Yes really!

My final word…..Luminous white flesh is rarely flattering, so add little fake tan (men included….. no one needs to know). For instant, fake tan that’s easy to apply Vita Liberata, body blur is amazing and comes in several colours to suit every skin tone and desired tan a further benefit is that it doesn’t smudge or ruin your pristine white shirt. If you are going for a longer wearing fake tan St Tropez in my opinion can’t be beaten and for tights, Marks and Spencer Autograph 5 denier tights in either Natural Tan or Suntan give the appearance of wearing no tights but add a little colour to your legs.

So, that’s all for me, have a super glam December everyone and as always if you need some help I am here. We are offering some packages that are geared to helping you source your event / party outfits. I have limited space left but will do my best to fit you in. Contact or call 07742081487.

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