We offer a range of Styling and Shopping packages specialising in Bridal Styling, Special occasions and Corporate styling.  Below are examples of each, however these packages are flexible and can be bespoke to every clients specific requirements.

Blue Wedding Shoes


Say yes to the dress!

There is so much to think of when preparing a wedding and  so much inspiration out there it's sometimes hard to decide what look to chose.  Let us make it easy and stress free for you.  Our packages are bespoke, however a sample package may include;

  • Consultation to explore your style preferences

  • Colour and body shape analysis 

  • Scheduled appointments for you with 3 bridal boutiques

  • Dresses pre-selected for you based on your initial consultation

  • After the dress is selected I will source the perfect accessories and shoes for you to select and send you shoppable links to purchase or shop with you to try them.

  • As a qualified makeup artist I will can provide you with advice on makeup to compliment your look or you can hire me to do your makeup on the day.

Additional services;

  • Hair and makeup trial with carefully selected partners

  • Beauty and tanning appointments

  • Attendance on wedding day to co-ordinate dressing 

Prices from £300


Looking sharp is just as important as the dress!

Let us help you make sure you and your groomsmen look super smart.  Together we can explore colour and style options that suit the theme and venue of your wedding.

A typical package may include;

Style and colour consultation 

  • A vison board based on our consultation

  • Appointments made for you and your groomsmen at 3 stores

  • Suits and combinations will be pre-selected for you to try.

  • Advice on grooming / treatments 

Additional services may include

  • Attending the shopping appointments with you 

  • Grooming / hair appointments can be made for you

  • Advice on alterations

  • Prices from £250

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Occasions dressing.jpg


Comfortable with your every day style but panic when that invitation lands?

Black tie events / Ascot / Garden parties or Premiers.  Do you need to stand out but feel comfortable knowing you look stylish and appropriate?  A typical package may include;

  • A detailed consultation

  • Colour and body shape analysis

  • Mood board with suggested outfit details

  • Sourcing of stand out accessories or unique pieces

  • Shopping with you either in person or providing you with shoppable links to order your purchases on line and try on at home.


Prices from £200


Are you a Business owner, Entrepeneur or Professional?

Did you know that 55% of a person’s initial impression of you is based on what you look like rather than what you say. It is important that the way you and your employees dress reflects the industry and environment they work within especially if there is a customer facing element to the business or their roles.


In media then smart casual dress maybe considered the ‘norm’ but a more formal ‘suited’ approach in banking / legal / financial environments is often more appropriate and when you start to move into fashion or beauty environments it certainly becomes more complex. Clothes and grooming are part of the corporate packaging and speak volumes about the individual, the organisation, values and branding.


You only get one chance to make a positive first impression, it is therefore essential that you do it well and keep it consistent. If you look like you take care of yourself the implication is that you will approach you work with the same care, therefore the message you are trying to convey will have a greater impact.


All of our professional packages are bespoke and tailored to the needs of the individual and the organisation.  Contact us for more information.